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 Combat Items

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PostSubject: Combat Items   Sat Dec 08, 2012 12:41 pm

Arcane Stream Necklace- 50m
  • Armadyl Helm - 250m
  • Armadyl Legs - 400m
  • Armadyl Plate - 400m

  • Zamorak Bow- 200m
  • Saradomin Bow- 175m
  • Guthix Bow- 150m

  • Chaotic Rapier- 1b
  • Chaotic Maul- 650m
  • Chaotic LongSword- 650m
  • Chaotic Staff- 650m
  • Chaotic Crossbow- 650m

  • Dragon claws- 500m

  • Elite Plate- 25m
  • Elite Legs- 25m
  • Elite Helm- 25m
  • Whole Set- 75m

God Swords
  • Armadyl God Sword- 750m
  • Bandos God Sword- 350m
  • Zamorak God Sword- 500m
  • Saradomin God Sword- 500m

  • Granite Plate- 200m
  • Granite Legs- 200m
  • Granite Shield- 175m
  • Granite Helm- 150m

Hunter Shields
  • Eagle eye Kite Shield- 400m
  • Chaotic Kite Shield- 400m
  • Farseer Kite Shield- 400m

  • Korasi Sword- 500m

  • Morrigans Coif- 50m
  • Morrigans Chaps- 75m
  • Morrigans Body- 75m
  • Morrigans Javelin- 80m
  • Mortigans Thrown Axe- 60m

  • Primal Set- Max Cash- 2147m
  • Primal Plate- 600m
  • Primal Legs- 600m
  • Primal Kite Shield- 400m
  • Primal Helm- 300m
  • Primal Boots- 150m
  • Primal Gauntlets- 100m
  • Primal 2h- 300m

  • Dragon staff- 400m
  • Bat staff- 350m
  • Wolf staff- 350m

  • Statius Plate- 100m
  • Statius Legs- 100m
  • Statius Whammer- 125m

  • Vesta Plate- 100m
  • Vesta Legs- 100m
  • Vesta Long Sword- 125m
  • Vesta Spear- 125m

  • Coloured Whip- 125m
  • White Whip- 200m

Created By Fr3dde, Vlad And Mostly FinBoi...[list][*]

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PostSubject: åäö   Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:00 pm

Nicely done guys Smile afro
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Items   Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:27 am

Stay tuned for some new customs i will add to the PL soon aswell, Like Vine whip, TookHar-Kal cape, Death cape,New spirit shields, Pink phat and hween, Robins and colored Staffs of light and much more! Got any ideas of what we shall add? Just reply to this or make a new Topic.
// Peace, Fr3dde

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We are back, Improved and so much better
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Items   

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Combat Items
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