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 Hello, Introduction

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PostSubject: Hello, Introduction   Tue Dec 18, 2012 6:03 am

So hi, my name is Wrecked

My real name is Joshua

I have a ps3

I like gaming, both on the computer and on console.

Baseball is one of my main hobbies along with gaming.

My favorite song is Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" PARODY Rucka Rucka Ali/DJ Not Nice "If I Was Mongolian" (do not click if you are easily offended by racial comments, Note: I AM NOT RACIST I JUST SEE THE HUMOR IN THE SONG!)

I have a good humor (I think I do Sad )

My name on Ps3 is: Viivva

I like Bo2 and Mw3 and Bf3. . .

I do not like people that lie to me or beg me for the stuff I worked hard for.

I hate when people get greddy especially in video games.

I don't like staff hunters or staffwhores (just a term I made up on my own)

I feel like server's should not have the option to donate for staff.

I live in Arizona.

I am 14 years old.

And last of all, I wish I can like this server good enough to play it until it goes down

P.S. I also make videos (will not say channel name due to advertisment reasons)

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PostSubject: Welcome!   Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:17 am

Welcome to Freddescape Joshua, I hope you will enjoy to play on Freddescape as much as i do:) Also, you can't donate for staff, never could and will never happend. And i have no planns to put this server down and i think you will love it when you get in to the server more.
// Peace, Fr3dde and i hope i will se you a lot in-game.

Main Owner Fr3dde
We are back, Improved and so much better
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Hello, Introduction
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