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 ma staff app :3(changed for new template)

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PostSubject: ma staff app :3(changed for new template)   Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:59 pm

Mah Staff Application!

Ign: camrin345

Age: 16 (junior in highschool ftw?)

What staff position are you applying for? whatever u feel i deserver

How long have you been on this server?:  since the start

How long have you been on this server?:  since it started

Why do you wan't to be staff: To make a bigger impact on the server, i'm a very big fan.

What could you do to benefit the server?: I'm probably most active person in game during the day.

1.) Ive played for hours straight.

2.) I can keep peace and i've owned a server before so im experienced with staff.

3.) I know when its necessary to ban / mute.

4.) I'm a very good community man, very few people have reasons to hate me.

5.) I'm a very respectful person, unless your fr3dde then your a newb Wink.

6.)I also have skype to communicate,message me in-game for name.

7.)I help anyone who needs, which i enjoy doing.


Extra notes- I'm sure people on the server can back up this application. Please take this app into consideration because it took alot of thought to make ;)thank u good sirs Smile

Country: Usa

Time zone: est (eastern standard time)

What do you do on your free time?  About 12-13 hrs of my day (summer vacation).

Have you any experience of being a staff? I used to own a server.

and yeaaaaa gimme admin ;)cuz i said so (was told to say something like this lolololol)
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ma staff app :3(changed for new template)
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