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 Guide To 99 Slayer

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PostSubject: Guide To 99 Slayer    Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:44 pm

Slayer Guide To 99 :
 First of all , You can Start slayer the moment you start the game. The slayer master's name is Drudel. Click on him , then click the option "Yes i would like a slayer task". Get one sutiable for your level. Such as For Level 3's rock crabs (amount , 22-30 Avg.) would be nice. That is a Easy slayer task. You would get rewarded 5 slayer points. If you do not get a easy one the first time then click him and select the option " I would like a easier slayer task". * Rock Crabs (Level - 13)  Located In  Rellaka (spell book varrock Or monster tele Or ::train then run east) *

 Once you get to level 90+ i recommend having a medium or hard slayer task. Such as Moss giant's (Amount 17-28 Avg. ) Or Lesser Demons (Amount 20-30 Avg). Moss giants are a medium task you would be rewarded 10 slayer points. Lesser demons are a hard slayer task. You would be Rewarded 15 slayer points. * Moss giants ( Level - 53 ) Located Brimhaven Dungeon ( South west )( Monster tele > Brimhaven Dungeon) , Lesser Demons (Level - 82) Located Brimhaven Dungeon (South).

At level 126 I recommed Getting Elite Slayer Tasks. Elite Slayer tasks involve Bosses ( God wars, KBD Corperal Beast ) , Dragons (Mostly Red , Or Frost ) . You will Need prayer. And  I Recommend Range . Pray Range or Mage . Since This is a Elite Slayer Task it will give you 20 or 25 points.
(Bandos Level - Unknow... Pray Melee) . (Saradomin Level - Unknown , Pray Mage) , (Zamorak Level - Unknown , Pray Melee) . (Armadyl Level - Unknown , Pray Unknow).  (KBD Level - unknown.   Bring Anti-dragon sheild , Can be bought from general store , Pray Melee)  (Corperal Beast Level 800+ Pray Melee, Range And mage.)

                                                                                   If you Find a Mistake or Something Else Please leave it in The comments, Thank You !
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Guide To 99 Slayer
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