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 Staff Rules

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PostSubject: Staff Rules   Tue Dec 11, 2012 4:22 pm

These rules are to be obeyed by every staff member.

-No using FreddeScape items to accept Runescape gold or any other currency.
-No abusing commands.
-No profane language.
-Help players to the best of your ability.
-Never go in active on the server, if you are going to "brb" log out and come back.
-No disrespecting other staffs.
-No spawning items or npcs for any player no matter who they are.
-No taking action such as jail, mute, ban unless there is proof posted on forums or you witness it yourself.
If in doubt of anything ask higher staff such as Fr3dde, or myself.
-No giving out confidental FreddeScape information.
-No talking about another server
If you are going to be inactive for a few days or anything long term notify a staff member so we know about it. (though being inactive could result in demotion)
If any staff member happens to break any of the rules listed above it could result in demotion.

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Staff Rules
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