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 Awesome Money Making Guide With Training

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PostSubject: Awesome Money Making Guide With Training   Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:05 am

This guide is the best money making method so far ... i think ... This could help everyone make mills !

All you need are good combat skills Very Happy

This involves the skill "Slayer" And any other combat skill you use .
First off talk to Duradel for a slayer task .
Complete It, Get points .
Go to Duradel's shop. Buy a Dragon Defender for 35 slayer points .
Sell it for 50M to general store Smile

 Also many other things in slayer shop such as pvp's and choatics .

Easy Task = 5 points
Medium Task = 10 Points
Hard Task = 15 points
Elite = 25 Points or 20.

Other Method Are Rune Ores .
You need 85 mining , not hard to get.
Mine runite ores. They are worth 225k ea . 10 buy for 2,250,000 (2.25M)

Hope This Help You , Bye !
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Awesome Money Making Guide With Training
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